HuntKey Brings Power Strip With 12 Surge Protected Outlets And 3 USB Ports To The U.S.

What good is a power strip if does not protect the equipment that are plugged to it? This is the rationale behind HuntKey Surge Protected Power Strip which protects not one, not two, but all 12 American standard outlets onboard. 12! TBH, I can’t remember the last time we see a power strip with this […]

Meet Sony MRW-S3, The World’s Fastest Multifunctional USB Hub With UHS-II Card Reader

If you are a creative, you will want to know about this new product from Sony Electronics, the Sony MRW-S3 Smart Multifunction USB Hub Card with UHS-II SD/microSD Reader. Claiming as the world’s fastest UHS-II SD/microSD card reader, the MRW-S3 also boasts USB 3.1 Gen 2 and up to 100W USB Power Delivery (USB PD), […]

GrenoPlus iMate Syncs And Charges All Apple Devices Simultaneously

The funny thing with technology is, it seems like the more advanced we get, the more things with have to bring with us. I mean, most people would have a laptop, smartphone, smartwatch, tablet et cetera and that didn’t help when laptops like MacBook Pro has limited ports which result in users having bring extras […]

You Don’t Want To Bring This USB Hub When You Board A Plane

Life is just too short to be putting up with stupid people, ridiculous movies about cars flying from a building to another, and boring, plain Jane-looking USB hubs. I can’t tell you how avoid stupid people, but I can sure tell you how to avoid those movies (just don’t watch’em!) and as for the USB […]

New Satechi USB Hub Puts Card Reader And Ports At The Front Of iMac Pro

In achieving the awesome looks, Apple did make some sacrifices on the iMac in terms of usability. I mean, a bunch of ports on the back is not exactly user-friendly, does it? No. It will never be no matter how you look at it. Luckily for the new iMac Pro, its Thunderbolt 3 ports are […]

This Chocolate Bar Will Literally Fix A Major Flaw In Today’s MacBook Pro

One thing I like about Apple devices is, they never try to cramp every possible features into their devices. It was never Apple’s idea for the devices to be bloated with unnecessary hardware and features. But therein lies the problem: it takes away quite a few features we still need like, for example, more USB […]

Any Messy Desk Is Worthy Of This DIY Mjölnir Headphone Stand & USB Hub

Now that the third Thor standalone movie is in full swing and doing brilliantly in the box office, we thought we’d let you in on this wonderful DIY project from a few months ago I found stashed in my “Watch Later” YouTube list. I am not entirely sure, but I think this might have been […]

Power Strip Reinvented, Comes With USB Ports And Wireless Charge Pad

Power strip is not the newest invention, but that doesn’t stop an Italian startup, Woodie s.r.l., from taking up the challenge of reinventing it so that we could have an easy one when dealing with such a necessary evil. Woodie s.r.l. completely rethought what a power strip should be for the beings of 2016 (and, […]

Satechi Aluminum Clamp Hub is Probably the Neatest USB Hub We Have Seen For the Longest Time

If there is one thing iMac lacks, it would be USB ports, which you can easily resolve by using a USB hub. Even if you have enough, assuming you don’t have as many USB-powered gadgets, the ports located at the back also poses access issue. This is where Satechi Aluminum Clamp USB Hub can help. […]