Polybius 1/4 Size Arcade Cabinet Charger

Are not afraid that your behavior will be data mined by the men in black? If no, then perhaps the infamous Polybius arcade cabinet is for you! Nobody actually knows the fabled arcade’s game play or how it even looked like. TBH, the Polybius may very well be a conspiracy theory that exists only in some people’s mind.

Polybius 1/4 Size Arcade Cabinet Charger

Apparently, Polybius was a highly addictive arcade game from the 1980s that appeared mysteriously. Whether did it existed or not, does not matter because, Numskull has created a quarter size arcade cabinet for this elusive video game, well, kind of. Folks, meet the Official Polybius 1/4 Size Arcade Cabinet… ermm, charger?

Since there is no ROM or anything of the game, we can assume it does not exists and therefore, there’s no way Numskull could have recreated the game. So, no, even if you are willingly wanted to be brainwashed, you can’t.

Instead, the Official Polybius 1/4 Size Arcade Cabinet Charger is essentially a USB hub of charging ports that packs enough USB 2.0 ports to power up to 10 quarter size arcades like the recently released Bubble Bobble and Pac-Mac 1/4 scale arcade cabinets.

It comes supplied with a Universal Power with adapters for International usage. It is quarter size so, it will fit perfectly into your quarter arcade setup.

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This non-playable quarter arcade is a “realistic replica”, or at least what most believe it to be and comes packaged in mysterious black box packaging, befitting its mysterious nature.

The Official Polybius 1/4 Size Arcade Cabinet Charger is available to order from Justgeek.com for US$143.99. For those who are curious about Polybius, YouTube channel Ahoy has an excellent documentary on it.

Images: Numskull.