Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcade

If the Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Edition Micro Player is a little, well, too micro for your liking, but you still desire for an awesome small scale, playable Pac-Man theme arcade cabinet, then we strongly suggest that you look at Numskull’s Pac-Man 40th Anniversary quarter arcade.

I think any true Pac-Man aficionados will want the Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcade because, it is a 1/4 scale playable replica of the original 1980s Pac-Man arcade cabinet.

This official Bandai Namco Entertainment product was created by Numskull to commemorate the yellow blob’s 40th birthday and it is a playable cabinet featuring the original arcade ROM. And that, my friends, is pretty dang awesome.

Other features include precise replica wooden shell, artwork, buttons, joystick, air vents, light up LED marquee, volume control, and more. Each unit measures 16.92 inches tall, 8.27 inches deep, and 6.3 inches wide (about 43 x 21 x 16 centimeters).

Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcade

Hard core fans may want to take a step further and secure the exclusive edition hand-signed by the creator of Pac-Man, Toru Iwatan.

The Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcade is available to order for US$129.99/£129.99 with delivery in July while the hand-signed edition commands a premium of US$299/£299 with delivery slated to happen in August.

Pac-Man 40th Anniversary Quarter Arcade

Images: Numskull.