Check Your Flurbos, Folks Because, Rick and Morty Pinball Is Coming This December

You heard that right. Rick and Morty Pinball is coming. But really, don’t check your Flurbos because, it is NOT an accepted currency here on earth. Speaking of which, the pinball, which is developed by Spooky Pinball in collaboration with Adult Swim, pricing has not been announced.

Stern Pinball Announced New Jurassic Park And Star Wars Pinball Machines

Super fans of say, Star Wars or Jurassic Park, may not necessary interested in LEGO, but because they are such a big fan of certain pop culture, they may take the dip cos’ there are LEGO versions of their obsession. That said, if you are fan of either franchise, or both, you may be enticed […]

Capcom Announced Home Arcade Stick With 16 Pre-loaded Classic Titles

If you reminisce the good’ol time you had at your local arcade (with the pixelated video games, not the Flash Dance girls), then I am 101 percent sure you will dig the Capcom Home Arcade video game system as much as I do. Announced by Capcom UK via Twitter, the Capcom Home Arcade is essentially […]

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Now Has Its Own Pinball Machine

Roald Dahl’s 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was adapted into movies twice – first in 1971 and then in 2005, and now the movie, specifically the classic 71’ musical fantasy adaptation, has been adapted into a super cool, high-tech pinball machine. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Pinball Machine is designed by […]

A Maze: An Artful Play Of Arcade You Have Never Seen Before

What you see here is an arcade machine that is worthy of an art piece. OK. It is an arcade machine per se. It is art first, arcade second and it is not quite the Oh You Ken kind of arcade. This arcade, called “A Maze,” is the work of art by artist Marco Iannicelli […]

Someone Made A Pinball Machine Entirely Out Of LEGO And It Is Awesome!

Someone made a pinball machine entirely out of LEGO elements and boy are we impressed. Firstly, it is a pinball machine and secondly, it is LEGO. Seriously, I do not know what’s not to love. Created by LEGO enthusiasts Bre Burns and Jessie Robertson, collectively known as Renegade Bricks, this pinball machine has everything that […]

R-Kaid-R Portable Arcade Has A Big Brother That Lets Two Game Together

Take your love for arcade gaming anywhere with the Cary42, a portable arcade gaming device created by the very talented Love Hulten. Inspired by attaché cases, the Cary42 is the updated big brother of the R-Kaid-R from a few years ago. Not only is it larger, it is also a tad more ‘sociable’ now because […]

TinyCircuits Is 8-bit Gaming Arcade Machine That Fits Into Your Pocket

If you are still reminiscing about the glory days of 8-bit gaming, then here’s a cool gadget that you will absolutely dig. Well, probably. What you see here is a tiny arcade machine called TinyCircuits Arcade Kit Toy and the size there isn’t an illusion. Arcade Kit Toy is that small; it literally fits in […]

Custom Angry Birds Pinball Machine Will Make Even Non-fan Envious

Is Angry Birds still a thing? We are not sure, but for young lad Noel, it sure is. With the game being downloaded over 3 billion times, it won’t surprise us there is a solid fan base… even to this day. Anywho, not surprisingly, Noel was picked by creator of Super-Fan Builds as the one […]

8bitdo Desktop Arcade Joy Stick Is Retro Arcade Machine Done Right

If you into retro arcade gaming, you would probably want to play your favorite classics on the good’ol arcade cabinet, but then again, I am sure you certainly won’t mind if looks a little contemporary such as this one desktop arcade teased called Desktop Arcade Joy Stick by Hong Kong-based game peripheral maker 8bitdo. Though […]