NeoGEo MVSX Home Arcade System

While the arcade of today may not be the same as the 80s or 90s, you can totally recreate that same vibe with the NeoGEo MVSX Home Arcade System – if you have the money and space to do so.

NeoGEo MVSX Home Arcade System

NeoGEo MVSX is a full-size arcade cabinet that is a remake of the classic NeoGeo MVS arcade cabinet. It comes complete with two sets of controls, as an arcade cabinet should, and a modern 17-inch HD+ (1,280 x 1,024 pixels) LCD display.

Thankfully, it isn’t CRT hiding behind a flat sheet of glass. However, for those who missed the CRT style display, Unico has “pixel to pixel scale to remake the perfect pixel style game image and also support scan line to emulate the old CRT image.” I guess you could say it is the best of both worlds?

The cabinet will come loaded with no less than 50 video games across several genre, including action, fighting as well as sports. Fans will be able to immerse themselves in old school titles like The King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, and my personal all-time favorite side-scroller, Metal Slug (the entire series!).

In addition, the cabinet supports both MVS and AES modes, allowing you to play either the arcade or home versions of each game right on the cabinet. I must say that is a thoughtful feature.

NeoGEo MVSX Home Arcade System

NeoGEo MVSX Home Arcade System is actually two parts: a tabletop section, which is the heart of the entire system, and base. The two together forms a full-size arcade cabinet measuring 57 inches tall, 15.9 inches wide and 19.4 inches deep (145 x 40 x 49 cm).

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NeoGEo MVSX Home Arcade System will arrive in November for a bundle price of US$499.99. You can choose to get the tabletop version for US$449.99, but why would when a half cabinet is only half the experience?

Besides, the base will run you back at US$99.99 when you decided to get it later, as opposed to the bundle price of US$50.

There will be a pre-sale and if you want to be in the know when it starts, make sure you get yourself signed up at the product page.

Images: Unico.

Source: Kotaku.