New Retro Handheld Game Console Is Super Sleek, Lets You Play Dreamcast, GBA Games

What you see here is a handheld retro gaming console called Handheld Game Station Arcade Game Console, also known as Powkiddy A19 Pandora’s Box in China, made by Chinese company Powkiddy.

Analogue Pocket Handheld Gaming Device Lets You Play GameBoy Cartridges And More

So, you have a bunch of GameBoy cartridges laying around, but don’t have the classic Nintendo GameBoy unit to play them? Good news for you then because, Analogue Pocket will let you play those games while some offering some really cool modern touches.

You Can Now Pre-order Sega Genesis Mini Video Game Console

Wait. What? The fad of miniaturizing video game console of the bygone era hasn’t die down yet? Well, apparently not. Following the many companies doing it and after its Sega Mega Drive Mini, Sega is dishing out yet another: the Mega Drive’s North America counterpart, Sega Genesis Mini Video Game Console. First announced in April […]

If Nintendo Ever Want To Reboot The GameBoy, The Flex Should Be It

With the introduction of Nintendo Switch more in 2016, you know very well that Nintendo won’t be reviving its iconic portable gaming device, GameBoy, because, Switch is in itself both a console and a portable gaming device. A modern GameBoy won’t happen despite the tidal wave of nostalgia by gamers all over the world. Many […]

The Original Playstation Miniaturized, Pre-loaded With 20 Classic Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the division behind the hugely popular game console Playstation, seems to have picked up what’s Nintendo has been doing: rebooting classic console, albeit in a smaller size. Meet the Playstation Classic, a miniaturized version of the original Playstation that started it all. It looks exactly like the original, sporting the exact same […]

This Is How To Play Old PC Games On Your Smartphone, Straight From Floppy Disk

If you have a knack for coding, you probably can make your favorite floppy disk games playable on a smartphone, but you haven’t then, Lazy Game Reviews has a brilliant way that will let you play your cherished classic video games straight from floppy disks… on your smartphone. Well, as it turns out, it is […]

Pre-order Opens For Atari Modern Day Connected Game Console, Atari VCS

Lo and behold. Atari is finally getting back into the game that it had once rein supreme. Now, please don’t ask why we have missed the announcement last year, but anyways, what matters here is, it is now a reality called Atari VCS. VCS here is, of course, the moniker once associated with the classic […]

This Nintendo-Inspired Gaming Device Is Modular, Can Do More Than Gaming

Rejoice, tinkerers with the love for retro gaming, specifically portable gaming. Clockwork Tech has announced a new piece of gadget that will satisfy both your love for retro gaming on-the-go and the need to tinker. Called GameShell, it is a modular retro game console that not only allows you to play retro games, it is […]

Oh, Look. Commodore 64 Is Making A Comeback As A Mini Game Console

Mission A.D., California Games, Cyberdyne Warrior, Chips’ Challenge. If the mention of any of those titles sends a nostalgic feeling surging through you, then we are quite sure you are a fan of the Commodore 64. Yeah. That Commodore 64. The iconic single computer unit that managed to find its way to millions of homes […]

This GameBoy-inspired Handheld Gaming Device Packs A Cool 300 Titles

You know how is it like. You enjoy the myriad of modern day games like Minecraft, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Killzone: Mercenary on your modern day PS Vita, but at the back of your head, you still relish your days fixated on pixelated games. We are talking about games like Contra, Mario Bros., Donkey Kong and […]