Super Impulse Miniature Classic Arcade Machines

Who wouldn’t want a bunch of arcade cabinets in their home? But given the size and cost of each machine, owning a bunch of them, or even just one, remains a pipe dream for many. But with the Super Impulse Miniature Classic Arcade Machines, you can create an arcade of your dream.

Super Impulse Miniature Classic Arcade Machines

Absolutely no ludicrously huge space is required and it won’t cost you an arm or a leg, or both. But just how small is the Tiny Arcade? Well, at 4 by 2 inches, each cabinet is literally palm size. That how small it is.

But the trade off is, you do have to settle with a tiny 1.5-inch screen. While the Super Impulse Miniature Classic Arcade Machine may be small, it does not sacrifice functional or authenticity.

Each Tiny Arcade features complete gameplay on a full-color, hi-res screen with authentic game sounds and controls – joystick and two-control buttons in a backlit arcade-style cabinet that will put a smile of Stuart Little. No. I meant, put a smile on your face.

Super Impulse’ Tiny Arcade is now join by four new editions, namely, Teenage Ninja Turtles, Mappy, Burger Time, and Hello Kitty/PacMan Special Edition. Each Super Impulse Tiny Arcade will only cost you US$19.99.

Super Impulse Boardwalk Arcade Pop-A-Shot

If those aren’t enough to create a miniature arcade, there is also a new Boardwalk Arcade Pop-A-Shot too. That’s right. The iconic basketball arcade game has also been shrunk to Stuart Little’s proportion.

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Each rig features six original Pop-A-Shot shooting games, plus one bonus game with two baskets. There’s a caveat though. Instead of physical, very tiny basketball, the entire game is played on a LCD screen, a D-pad and two buttons.

The Boardwalk Arcade Pop-A-Shot is relatively inexpensive too, costing between US$19.99 and US$21.99 each.

Expect to find both the new Super Impulse Tiny Arcades and Pop-A-Shot this Fall on Super Impulse store on

Images: Super Impulse.