Mega Cat Studios Bite the Bullet Arcade Cabinet

If Metal Slug-like pixelated side scrolling video game is your kind of game, then I think you will want to hear about this upcoming title from retro-style video game focused studio, Mega Cat Studios called Bite the Bullet.

Mega Cat Studios Bite the Bullet Arcade Cabinet

While the game looks exciting enough, we are here not just about this delightful retro-licious video game title set to be released this year.

In addition to having the digital copy of the game on multiple platforms, including Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, there are physical editions and wait for it, an arcade cabinet.

That’s right, folks. This upcoming video game title has an arcade cabinet planned for and it will be distributed internationally in limited run of just 50 units.

Mega Cat Studios Bite the Bullet Arcade Cabinet

Each unit is handcrafted by the artisans at Art’cade and boast features like Mega Resolution printed game panels, 4 mm thick Parsol Bronze tinted glass for better contrast, built-in 2.1 sound system (2x 50W + 1x 170W) and each unit will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

It is not clear how the 50 units will be distributed worldwide or how much it will cost. But it safe to assume it will be hard to acquire and so, you’d better off in picking up the physical editions from Strictly Limited website, or the digital copy for the various platforms mentioned above.

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Meanwhile, here’s the official video game trailer:

And here’s the short demo by Mega Cat Studios:

Images: Mega Cat Studios.