You are well aware of the plastic trash problem the world’s facing. Instead just reading about it, or more commendably, swim out into the open water to collect the trash yourself, you can pick up these new gadgets, namely, HomeBase, Solar Boombox, and Powerbank, from Solgaard Design.

HomeBase and Solar Boombox by Solgaard

These gadgets are not river trash collecting vessel, but they can help in someway because, Solgaard promised that every product sold pulls in five pounds (2.6 kilograms, or about 223 plastic bottles) from the ocean.

The ocean plastic trash are used to make the Shore-tex fabric found on the HomeBase and Solar Boombox. In addition, the shell of the gadgets are made from Shore-plast, a material produced from recycled PET. Both Shore-tex and Shore-plast are recyclable when the products reach their end of life.

The HomeBase and Solar Boombox is collectively an ‘ecosystem’. The HomeBase is a shelf with wireless charging and built-in amplifier for the new Solar Boombox and Powerbank. The latter is essentially the Solar Boombox without the Bluetooth speaker functionality.

The power bank packs 20,000 mAh and it is rechargeable by solar power. The same goes to the Solar Boombox, which further touts a pair of USB ports as well as wireless charging capability for charging multiple devices with its 10,000 mAh. That is, of course, in addition to Bluetooth speaker functionality.

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HomeBase and Solar Boombox by Solgaard

Audio is pushed out through a pair of 7W drivers with low frequency thumping offered by an active and passive bass radiator. Solar Boombox is IPX7 rated, sealing it from water and dust ingress, and it is drop proof too.

Meanwhile, HomeBase provides wireless charging for up to two devices and there’s an USB-C port that supports USB Power Delivery for quick wired charging too.

If you are down, you can find HomeBase and Solar Boombox, along with the Powerbank being crowdfunded on Kickstarter at discounted price.

The power bank (called Solar Juicepack) sells for US$79, the Solar Boombox goes for US$99, and the HomeBase can be had for US$114. Or you could get the Solar Boombox and the HomeBase for US$199, or all three for US$269.

The campaign is funded, so your pledge for a product (or products) is a pre-order which will be fulfilled sometime in November 2020.

Images: Solgaard Design.

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