world’s first induction charger for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

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from the folks who brought to you The Magic Charger, now comes the solution that will solve you battery issues with your Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. based on the same principle that makes the Magic Charger works, all user has to do is to replace the AA batteries in their Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad with The Magic Bar item, and slide the Apple device into the Magic Bar to start charging. of course, The Magic Bar will have to be connected to a power source, which is the USB port. seriously, i pretty tired of changing batteries. you have no idea how often i have to change the batteries cos’ i am quite a heavy user. thankfully, i am still using a wired mouse. irritating but saves the trouble. however, this magical bar could end my woes with AA batteries.

no word on the pricing at this point and as for the availability, it will be available this June with Mobee Technology taking pre-order from May 15th.
[ad#Google Adsense-text-468×60] [toggle title_open=”Close Press Release” title_closed=”Read Press Release” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default”]Following the amazing market response of our state of the art inductive charger for Magic Mouse, “The Magic Charger”, we have received numbers of requests from our customers in order to develop same kind of unobtrusive device for the recharge the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard. Today, 11th of April 2011, we are delighted to inform you about the launch of our new product “The Magic Bar”. The Magic Bar is the world’s first Inductive Charger for the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Including a specific cylindrical battery pack, a stylish aluminum-made base station and a micro-USB cable, The Magic Bar will be available end of June 2011.[/toggle]

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