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This Tiny Dongle Promised To Turn Any iPad Into A Wireless Second Display

It is appalling that MacBook still does not have a touch display. We don’t know why Apple isn’t doing it, but in case you harbor the secret desire to experience touch display when using MacOS, here’s a nifty solution and it does not involved ripping out your existing display or any programming. Ok. This may not the perfect solution, but at least the Luna Display will let you go all out touchy with Mac OS. So what the hell is Luna Display? Well, on contrary to its product name, it is not actually a display, so don’t get all too excited about a $59 display. It is not. Continue reading This Tiny Dongle Promised To Turn Any iPad Into A Wireless Second Display

This Frame Will Add Touchscreen Capability To Your Apple iMac

As a consumer, I personally think Apple is one stubborn organization who refuses to keep up with times. It seems like innovation has passed on with Jobs. And no, removing the headphone jack is NOT an innovation and neither was it courages. Don’t get me wrong. Apple products are still pretty up there (and so are the prices, if I may add), but it just not the same anymore. Take for example touchscreen display on desktop and laptop. The PC market is striving with this technology – thanks to Windows’ support for touch technology and yet, there are no signs of the Cupertino tech giant adopting it and don’t get us started with wireless charging. Touchscreen is the next logical step in PC, though not that it is needed. But we will find a use somehow, don’t we? Continue reading This Frame Will Add Touchscreen Capability To Your Apple iMac

Fusion Stand: A Minimalistic Home for Your iMac, Apple Display and iPhone

Another solution to declutter your desktop comes from iForte. After pioneering the first all-in-one stand with integrated dock and charging system designed with iMac and iPhone in mind, the San Francisco outfit is back with Fusion Stand which takes ‘clean look’ to a whole new level. The Fusion Stand looks absolutely clean and minimalistic. It really is. In fact, we think it is as minimal as a display/iMac stand can get without sacrificing functionality. That said, Fusion stand might be a good starting point if you have been wanting to streamline your desk and never get to doing it. Designed for iMac and Apple Display, Fusion also boasts a matching but optional smartphone cradle, which magnetically attaches to the front of the stand. Continue reading Fusion Stand: A Minimalistic Home for Your iMac, Apple Display and iPhone

Uniti Stand For iMac Marries Device Dock With A Stand For A True Clutter-free Desktop

if you are a iMac or Apple display user, owns at least one mobile device (who doesn’t?), and absolutely hate clutter, then the Uniti Stand for iMac might be the answer you have been looking for. designed and made in the U.S.A., the Uniti Stand marries an iMac stand crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and smart device docks, while throwing in a 3.5mm headphone jack and a couple of USB ports along the way for some added convenience. the stand offers two ways of elevating your iMac or Apple Display: direct atop the stand which gives it around 2.36 inches (50 mm) of elevation or slot the ‘feet’ of your iMac into a purpose built slot for a seamless look. the stand itself also lets you route the usually hard-to-access 3.5mm headphone jack and a pair of USB 3.0 ports to the front for easy access, thus eliminating the frustration of fumbling blindly for the ports. Continue reading Uniti Stand For iMac Marries Device Dock With A Stand For A True Clutter-free Desktop

This Mac Pro Go Case Will Let You Lug Your Mac Pro Around In Style

desktop PC was never designed to be portable (that’s why it is called a desktop PC), much less a pro rig like Mac Pro, but that was before the new radical shape Mac Pro arrives. the new generation Mac Pro is not only physically small for a pro system but it is also one with relatively small footprint which makes one think: what if i could lug it around with ease? if that thought has been on your mind, then the Mac Pro Go Case By Waterfield Designs is right up your very narrow alley. don’t get us wrong; we love the idea of a Mac Pro bag, but we are just not sure how many would be toting around a 11 lbs rig around. anyway, as with all Waterfield Designs bag, this bag is cleverly thought out. designed in cylindrical shape and generously padded to fit the Mac Pro snugly, the Mac Pro Go Case features an exterior rectangular pocket to fit your Apple wireless keyboard and on the inside, there is a disc-shaped pouch for stowing away wireless mouse, cables and stuff that you deem fit. Continue reading This Mac Pro Go Case Will Let You Lug Your Mac Pro Around In Style

Bluelounge Jimi USB Port Extension For iMac

want to extend your awkward, rear-facing USB port to the front of your iMac, but don’t want the ‘perk’ of clutter at the base of your iMac? well, then we are guessing Jimi might be of an assistant. Jimi is not a person. Jimi is a “J” shaped USB extension designed specifically for 21″ and 27″ iMac (slim unibody – those with crazy thin edges). just plug the male connector of the USB extension to the port of your choice at the back of your iMac, align the bottom of the “J” and snaps it into the downward air vent of your iMac, and you got yourself a super cool front-facing USB port without cluttering the foot of your Mac. not sure if you can deploy more than one though, but we are guessing that blocking too many of the air vents is not cool (pun not intended). then again, one is what most people will ever need, so not having many shouldn’t be a biggie. an exceedingly simple idea, but we think it is a brilliant one, nonetheless. what’s your take? the Bluelounge Jimi USB Port Extension for iMac is available now for just $14.95 a pop. product video follows after the break. Continue reading Bluelounge Jimi USB Port Extension For iMac

iMacompanion Routes a USB Port To The Front

sometimes the simplest idea could be a life changer and the iMacompanion is one such example. by its product name, you are probably clueless about what it is. well, it is basically a well crafted product that directs one of your USB port to front. lets face it: though it is nice and neat to have USB ports located at the back of the iMac, it is no fun trying to access it and the truth is, we have at least one device that we would often use the USB port. with this in mind, Wiplabs decided that it is high time to route one to front and doing it elegantly. sure, there are countless USB hubs out in the wild that does the same, but what Wiplabs did with the iMacompanion is actually pretty amazing. Continue reading iMacompanion Routes a USB Port To The Front

Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth

fancy a more ‘high tech’ way of creating movie and music on your Mac? no. not the magic trackpad, and its ‘magical’ counterpart, the magic mouse doesn’t quite count too, but there is an accessory that will let you do so and it is this sleek, aluminum-crafted job dial known as Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth. the PowerMate is not new, in fact it was first introduced way back in 2001 and have even seen ‘actions’ in blockbuster films like The Island and more recently, Pacific Rim. this updated version now goes without cable by going the Bluetooth 4.0 route, taking your movie and music making a notch up the futuristic chart. Continue reading Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth

Turtle Beach iSeries Wireless Headset

the Turtle Beach iSeries Wireless Headset is the newest audio cans from the New York-based company that is billed as the first headsets specifically made for use with Mac and iOS products. positioned as the high-end media headsets, the iSeries, which comprises of the wireless surround sound i60 and the wireless amplified stereo i30, offers premium finishes such as leather headband, as well as leather-wrapped memory foam, noise-isolating ear cups. built aside, both pairs come standard with built-in remote for use with your iOS devices and Mac machine, and in keeping with the clean, obtrusive look, it has dual boom-less microphones setup for clear, high-quality audio chat and works with Siri too, while not looking out of place with your other sleek Apple products. Continue reading Turtle Beach iSeries Wireless Headset

Das Keyboard Professional Keyboard for Mac

as pretty as Apple aluminum keyboards are, they are not always the most practical thing to type on if you are a super serious typist. lucky for you (if you belongs to the latter), there’s the Das Keyboard. granted that aesthetically, the Das Keyboard Professional Keyboard for Mac is not in the same league as Apple’s, but its practicality should outweigh that “short coming”. features include German-engineered gold-plated mechanical key switches for the extra tactile feel and audible click that all typists love, a five-key rollover feature allowing five keys to be pressed simultaneously, sleep function at the press of a button, blue LED indicators, an uber long 2-meter (6.6-foot) USB cable, built-in 2-port USB 2.0 hub for your USB flash drives or other USB peripherals, laser-etched key cap inscriptions for durability, and last but not least, being a Mac keyboard it sports Mac-specific special keys such as Option, Command, media keys for music control, as well as brightness controls and eject. according to Das Keyboard, the Professional Keyboard for Mac has a dedicated USB 2.0 hub connector which afford a faster charging and syncing of your iDevices than most of its competitions. available in only one colorway, which is the glossy black. you can own it for $128.95 each.