As a consumer, I personally think Apple is one stubborn organization who refuses to keep up with times. It seems like innovation has passed on with Jobs. And no, removing the headphone jack is NOT an innovation and neither was it courages. Don’t get me wrong. Apple products are still pretty up there (and so are the prices, if I may add), but it just not the same anymore. Take for example touchscreen display on desktop and laptop. The PC market is striving with this technology – thanks to Windows’ support for touch technology and yet, there are no signs of the Cupertino tech giant adopting it and don’t get us started with wireless charging. Touchscreen is the next logical step in PC, though not that it is needed. But we will find a use somehow, don’t we?

Zorro Macsk Touchscreen Frame for iMac

Anywho, if you have been yearning for touchscreen to land on Mac, which is not going to happen anytime soon, well, not all hopes are lost cos’ there’s the Zorro Macsk Touchscreen Frame for iMac. This USB-powered “cover” will add touchscreen capability to any 21.5- or 27-inch iMac in seconds. Made of lightweight plastic and metal, Zorro Macsk adheres to your iMac with the use of magnets and leverages on an array of infrared sensors around the frame to detect touches. There’s no additional glass or plastic over the screen to impede your view; it is just the frame with the said infrared sensors. Amazingly, no additional software is required.

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Zorro Macsk Touchscreen Frame for iMac
It even comes with a capacitive stylus which you can use with just about any touchscreen devices. Credit: designboom.

Once setup, it just works. I am not sure what kind of sorcery is that but it does work, as proven by design blog, designboom, who had the opportunity to review a unit. Anyways, once installed, you will be able to touch to launch app, use gestures, pinch-to-zoom, and even uses two-finger to scroll. You can also unleash your artistic flair by using your fingers to draw on apps like Adobe Photoshop. You and I both know what Apple is going say about touchscreen on computers; your hands will get tired. Yea, sure. I am not going to dispute with that but like I said, we will somehow find a use for it if the feature is there. If you are all up for it, you can pick up the Zorro Macsk Touchscreen Frame for iMac off TMDtouch web store for $199.

Source and images via designboom

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