if you are a iMac or Apple display user, owns at least one mobile device (who doesn’t?), and absolutely hate clutter, then the Uniti Stand for iMac might be the answer you have been looking for. designed and made in the U.S.A., the Uniti Stand marries an iMac stand crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and smart device docks, while throwing in a 3.5mm headphone jack and a couple of USB ports along the way for some added convenience. the stand offers two ways of elevating your iMac or Apple Display: direct atop the stand which gives it around 2.36 inches (50 mm) of elevation or slot the ‘feet’ of your iMac into a purpose built slot for a seamless look. the stand itself also lets you route the usually hard-to-access 3.5mm headphone jack and a pair of USB 3.0 ports to the front for easy access, thus eliminating the frustration of fumbling blindly for the ports.

Uniti Stand For iMac

the space beneath the stand provides a nice hideaway place for your keyboard when not in use, thereby creating an even more neater look for your workspace when not in use. for a complete clutter-free solution, the stand is offered with cradles (i.e. docks) which uses magnetic force to stick itself to the stand, ready for your mobile devices, including tablets. these docks are designed to let the charging/sync cable to be routed through so you can charge the device or devices while it is docked. though we are not sure if the routed cable will be left on the table or if there is any ‘channel’ on the underside of the stand to conceal it further. if you ask me, i’d prefer it to be completely tucked away, though the cables are probably only visible if you intentionally peer under, but still, i am a freak who almost certainly do that.

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Uniti Stand For iMac

both the dock and the stand comes standard with rubber bottoms to prevent slippage, as well as preventing the hard metal from scratching your beloved desk. we wouldn’t say the Uniti Stand is best solution out there, but as far as clutter-free desktop is concern, it is one of the ‘lovelier’ piece – provided you get it with the optional cradle or cradles if you have two mobile devices to deal with. the Uniti Stand is now on Kickstarter seeking 45 grand to take this from concept to product and if you are enamor by iForte’s proposal, you can show your support by pre-ordering one. early backers are looking at $109 for the stand alone, while the stand+dock combo will set you back at $159. for those who missed the early bird special, you are looking at $129 for the stand and $179 for the stand+dock combo. as always, the fate of the product depends very much on your support. skip past the fold for a pitch video to see the product in action.

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