Reclaimed Wood Stand Will Add Some Welcomed Warm To Your iMac

Depending on the height of your desk, an Apple iMac may or may not be of an idea height. Even if it is, the real estate under the unit is often rendered useless because of the height of the unit to the desk. The solution? A stand like this one here called Understands Reclaimed Wood […]

New Satechi USB Hub Puts Card Reader And Ports At The Front Of iMac Pro

In achieving the awesome looks, Apple did make some sacrifices on the iMac in terms of usability. I mean, a bunch of ports on the back is not exactly user-friendly, does it? No. It will never be no matter how you look at it. Luckily for the new iMac Pro, its Thunderbolt 3 ports are […]

Fusion Stand: A Minimalistic Home for Your iMac, Apple Display and iPhone

Another solution to declutter your desktop comes from iForte. After pioneering the first all-in-one stand with integrated dock and charging system designed with iMac and iPhone in mind, the San Francisco outfit is back with Fusion Stand which takes ‘clean look’ to a whole new level. The Fusion Stand looks absolutely clean and minimalistic. It […]

Bluelounge Jimi USB Port Extension For iMac

want to extend your awkward, rear-facing USB port to the front of your iMac, but don’t want the ‘perk’ of clutter at the base of your iMac? well, then we are guessing Jimi might be of an assistant. Jimi is not a person. Jimi is a “J” shaped USB extension designed specifically for 21″ and […]

iMacompanion Routes a USB Port To The Front

sometimes the simplest idea could be a life changer and the iMacompanion is one such example. by its product name, you are probably clueless about what it is. well, it is basically a well crafted product that directs one of your USB port to front. lets face it: though it is…

Twelve South HiRise for iMac

these days, desktop real estate is like our real life real estate: they are scarce. so what do you do with limited space? you go skyward, that’s what you do. case in point, the Twelve South HiRise for iMac is a beautiful aluminum height-adjustable stand that will let you rise your iMac up while adding one or two discreetly hidden shelf to store your small items such as external hard drives…

Twelve South BackPack 2

with the ever increasing gadgets, mobile or not, come one thing that all neat-freaks fear most: desk top clutter. however, if we take a step back and calmly think about it, the solution to the inevitable clutter might just be as simple as a single piece of metal. no really. it’s that simple and that simplicity is known as BackPack 2, an ingenious solution from Twelve South…