Twelve South BackPack 2

Twelve South BackPack 2
Twelve South BackPack 2 | US$34.99 |

with the ever increasing gadgets, mobile or not, come one thing that all neat-freaks fear most: desk top clutter. however, if we take a step back and calmly think about it, the solution to the inevitable clutter might just be as simple as a single piece of metal. no really. it’s that simple and that simplicity is known as BackPack 2, an ingenious solution from Twelve South. but it not just any metal. it is a sleek piece at that and turns your otherwise useless space of your iMac or Apple Display’s stand into a useful perch for your peripherals or accessories. like it’s predecessor, it secures to your iMac or Apple Display by means of a pair of clips and gravity but being the new blood, it has some new tricks up its sleeves such as built-in cable management rails, vertical support pegs to prop up tall devices like your MacBook Air, and the option to mount it front-facing (for stuff like USB hub, or perhaps your iPhone). the Twelve South BackPack 2 is available now with a $34.99 price tag. we are quite positive that such product would draw some skepticism, especially with a slightly higher sticker, so why not head past the jump for some convincing images of it in action?

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