Caviar iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Cyberphone

Since the unveiling of Tesla Cybertruck last year, all manner of Cybertruck-inspired products, be it in good faith or parody, has surfaced. If you have been wondering, why there isn’t a Cyberphone? Well, wonder no more, my friends. Because, Caviar, the name for luxing all thing and everything, is right on it.

Everyone, meet the Caviar iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Cyberphone. Unlike Jonas Daehnert’s, Caviar Cyberphone ain’t no concept; it is something ‘regular’ rich person can buy. So, I guess it is a ‘hurrah’? Maybe?

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max Cyberphone

Caviar took the liberty to completely re-imagine the exterior of the iPhone 11 Pro (and Pro Max), bestowing it with angular lines that rival that of the polarizing EV.

It has a PVD-coated titanium back panel while the rest of the body and buttons are anodized – though the company make no mention of what material. However, unlike the truck, it appears not to sport a bulletproof glass.

Instead, when the phone is not in use, it is protected by an integrated cover (presumably of some kind of metal) that folds down to double as phone stand. No words if the crack of the windows will be replicated on this device.

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Then again, if you are dropping $16,030+ on one such device, you surely don’t expect to have any flaw with it, do you? Also keeping in mind that beneath the cyber-glamorous look, it is still the iPhone 11 Pro (and Pro Max) you and I know.

Images: Caviar.

Source: Yanko Design.