Commission Piece of Imperial Rome in LEGO

Have you ever come across some work of art that, after viewing, kind of leave you feeling breathless? I have never… but that’s until today when I saw this piece called SPQR by freelance LEGO artist Rocco Buttliere.

SPQR is short for the phrase Senatus Populusque Romanus which, btw, means “The Senate and the People of Rome.” So, yeah, it is based on the blueprint of one of world’s oldest known civilizations.

Commission Piece of Imperial Rome in LEGO

SPQR is a mind-blowing massive and super detailed LEGO diorama of the Eternal City, Rome, and yes, after looking through the entire series of photos, it left me feeling breathless. It was absolutely awe-inspiring. It was just too good.

Good not just because of face value. Along with this massive 66,000+ piece build is a walk through history. How? Well, we have the artist to thank. Not only has Rocco shared incredible number of photos of his masterpiece, but he also took the time to outline the history of the place that this model was based on.

It was like reading part of Rome’s history… in 3D.

Anywho, the SPQR – Imperial Rome (circa 320 CE) was a commission by Museu da Imaginação (Museum of Imagination), São Paulo.

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The build packs approximately 66,000 LEGO elements, and it was built to 1:650 scale, measuring 231 x 137 centimeters (91 x 54 inches). It took Rocco over 300 hours in 32 days just to research and conceptualize the build, and further 220+ hours in a course of 24 days to complete the build.

Words cannot begin describe how incredible this build is and as such, may we suggest that hit up Rocco’s Flickr page and dive into it yourself. If you ever visit São Paulo, make sure you go see this work of art in person. SPQR is a permanent exhibit there and so, it is not going away anytime soon.

Commission Piece of Imperial Rome in LEGO

Images: Flickr (Rocco Buttliere).

Source: the brothers brick.