Have you ever imagine yourself bathing in a tub of LEGO bricks? Never mind if you never did because, there’s at least one guy who did and he has created a beautiful and fun LEGO kinetic art to express this desire.

Bath Time LEGO Kinetic Art Sculpture by TonyFlow76

What you see here is a piece called Bath Time, a LEGO kinetic sculpture by LEGO Ideas member TonyFlow76 aka Teun de Wijs. Bath Time features, well, a brick build person enjoying a bath.

The brick build person is inside a classic design bath tub filled with LEGO bricks. The kinetic sculpture is complete with faucets, plumbing and an old fashion bathroom floor for good measure.

Bath Time LEGO Kinetic Art Sculpture by TonyFlow76

When the wheel is turned, the figure begins scrubbing his back and moves his head as the faucets run and the bricks bath “bubbles”.

Part of what makes this piece shine, IMHO, is the “basement” which not only expose the inner workings of the kinetic piece, but also features some extras, including piping and taps that offers a dose of steampunk element to it. Absolutely brilliant.

Bath Time LEGO Kinetic Art Sculpture by TonyFlow76
Wait. Is this dude whistling?

If you like what you see like I do, you can help push Bath Time to have a shot at becoming an official LEGO set by dropping your one precision support on LEGO Ideas.

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Images: LEGO Ideas (TonyFlow76).

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