what’s the logical next-step for any soda lover? get your own syrup concoction machine, naturally, and such is what the SPRiZZi Drink Machine will offer soda lovers – your very own in-home beverage dispenser. this coffee machine-like device lets you carbonate, refrigerate, mix and dispense over 60 exclusive SPRiZZi beverages ranging from carbonated to non-carbonated drinks, and even plain water. the SPRiZZi boasts a nerve-numbing 40 degrees (about 4.4, in celsius) chilling, insuring your drinks get the chill that so you desire. how the SRPiZZi works is relatively straightforward: the flavored drinks comes as syrup-loaded bullets, much like the capsules used by nespresso machines but only bigger, and all you have to do is ‘plug’ the bullet into the machine’s receptacle, hit the button and witness your cup gets filled with ice cold soda of your choice – all 16 ounce (or about 470ml) of it.

we are not huge fans of soda drinks. actually, no. that’s a lie but in any case, we are impressed by what this kitchen gadget has to offer apart flavored beverages: with this little machine, you are actually helping to minimize the overwhelming plastic and aluminum trash problems faced by many first world nations, which needless to say, is an awesome thing. you can get secure yourself a SPRiZZi Drink Machine by making a pledge of $197 or more via SPRiZZi‘s Kickstarter page. if everything goes according to plan i.e. the project hits its funding goal in the next 30 days or so, you can expect to see the SPRiZZi Drink Machine at your doorstep sometime between June and August this year. check out a very corporate-heavy presentation of the SPRiZZi in the embedded video below to learn more, or catch it in action in the clip further down the page. and oh, they do ship internationally, up to certain reward level, so check them out.

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