We have seen our fair share of coffee machines but never have seen one that demands our full attention. The coffee machine in question is called KUKU Maker and it looks nothing like a coffee maker. At a glance, it looks like someone has attached a camera lens to a stand, and that, my friends, is why it has my attention.

KUKU Maker Coffee Machine

The KUKU Maker is shaking up the coffee world, ushering in a new era of brewing where flexibility meets tradition. It’s designed for those who want to play barista, offering an array of adjustable parameters like pressure, temperature, time, and grind fineness. With its hybrid dual-driver approach, coffee enthusiasts can explore flavors from the same bean that were once locked away by less versatile machines.

This isn’t your average Joe coffee machine. The KUKU Maker’s circular extraction and centrifugal force tech allow for nuanced coffee strength and flavor, offering a personal touch to your morning cup. Rapid heating, uniform temperature control, and a variety of drink options—all controllable via an app—make it a breeze to use.

KUKU Maker Coffee Machine

Environmentally friendly and maintenance-easy, the KUKU Maker is not just about the brew; it’s about sustainable innovation. Available for global shipping, it’s ready to serve up a world of flavors right to your door. With the KUKU Maker, coffee lovers can dive into DIY flavor experiments, ensuring each cup is a unique creation.

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You can learn more about the KUKU Maker Coffee Machine on Kickstarter where you can also pledge for a product for 4,699 Hong Kong dollars or more (approximately US$601). I know what you are thinking. “Who the hell would pay so much for a coffee machine from a relatively unknown outfit?” Well, apparently, a lot of people. A little over 1,0000 folks have contributed almost US$730,000 to the campaign.

KUKU Maker Coffee Machine

Images: KUKU Hub.

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