Throw everything you know about CNC out of the window because there’s a new type of CNC machine that rewrites the notion of Computer Numerical Control. If don’t already know, in a traditional CNC machine, a chuck with drill bit (or whatever tool necessary) goes about cutting and drilling a material based on the program you load into it. There’s really nothing wrong with traditional CNC machine, except that it is fairly cumbersome. If you managed to find one that fits your garage, then there is still material size limitation to contend with.

Goliath CNC Autonomous Robotic Machine Tool

The Goliath CNC you see here from Springa changes all that. Traditional bulk is non-existence here because, Goliath brings the machine to the material. The concept behind Goliath CNC is similar to the Shaper Origin Handheld CNC Machine we saw last year. The major difference is, this little guy here is a robot. It works directly on the material, however big it may be, autonomously – thanks to the omnidirectional wheels. Once setup, Goliath CNC goes about working on your project, routing, drilling, pocketing, all without human intervention.

Goliath CNC Autonomous Robotic Machine Tool

It can deal with a variety of materials too, including wood, sheet metal, copper and plastic. Perhaps the most brilliant part is, it is totally portable which means, it can go where your work is. Logistical issues are virtually non-existence with this robotic CNC machine. It may not 3D print an Iron Man suit for you, but it is sure the closest thing you can get to J.A.V.I.S. Also, it is not voice command-capable. You can learn more about Goliath CNC Autonomous Robotic Machine Tool HERE, or you can hit up the product’s Kickstarter page pick up one as a pre-order.

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It is not cheap, though. Expect this revolutionary CNC machine to punch a $1,850 hole in your bank vault and that’s already over a grand off the eventual retail price. Wow. Despite the hefty sticker it commands, the campaign seems to be striving. At the time of this writing, it has rounded up over 500 backers, contributing nearly $800K in funding, thus bringing the product to life, or at least, will be bringing the product to life.

Images courtesy of Springa.

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