Talk about too fast, too crazy. Here’s one R/C aircraft that makes a jaw-dropping 727 kilometers-per-hour, or 451 miles-an-hour. At that speed, it is effectively supersonic proportional to the scale and it is definitely one R/C aircraft reserved only for the elite (remote control) pilots. And by that, I mean that the pilot has to have some serious quick hand-and-eye coordination. The model in question is a delta wing R/C Speeder “Inferno” and the propulsion responsible for its insane, recording-breaking speed is a hobbyist turbine jet, Turbine Behotec 180.

It feeds on kerosene like any other jet engines of this nature and has a take-off weight of 7.5 kilograms (16.5 lbs). Seriously, is this thing still a plane anymore? It feels more like a rocket. Just look at this thing. It looks like a scaled down cruise missile with enormous wings and it could very be. It was so damn freaking fast that it can’t even take off with wheels like everyone else; it has to be slingshot off a makeshift runway by a ridiculously long elastic band. And one off the ground, it was a matter of seconds it became a tiny dot in the clear blue sky.

That’s one hell of an R/C plane and one hell of a pilot too. Catch the epic moment in the embedded video below. If you want, skip to 2:20 for the meat.

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Image: YouTube.

via Geekologie.

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