New Porsche Cars For Gran Turismo Sport

Porsche has taken to this year’s International Auto Show (IAA) in Frankfurt to reveal “two new cars” of a different nature (Porsche is calling it “virtual world premiere”). They were digital versions of the marque’s automobile, namely, Taycan Turbo S and the design study “917 Living Legend.”

Both cars were digitally developed specifically for Japanese video game development studio Polyphony Digital Inc.’s Gran Turismo Sport real diving simulator video game, exclusively for PlayStation 4. The Porsche Taycan Turbo S, of course, needs no introduction. It is the German sports car maker’s first all-electric sports car that made its official world premier in Frankfurt. What a way to promote your very first EV, innit?

New Porsche Cars For Gran Turismo Sport

But why the 917? Well, it was chosen because, the 917 bagged the first-ever win for Porsche at the 24 hours race of Le Mans, making it one of the important racing cars in the brand’s motorsport history.

Development teams at both Stuttgart and Tokyo had been working closely over the past nine months to realize the digital version of each car. Expect detailed representation of the interior, from the instruments’ animation to the unique Porsche Electric Sport Sound, as well as the its performance and driving characteristics.

Both cars will be made available on Gran Turismo Sport as part of a free content update by October 2019. I guess that kind of makes it the most affordable way to “own” a Porsche Taycan Turbo S? Kind of?

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Anywho, that’s not be-all and end-all; designers over at Porsche are developing the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Project which will also be turned into a “drivable” virtual car by Polyphony Digital Inc. and make available to players of Gran Turismo Sport by the end of next year (2020).

All images courtesy of Porsche AG.