Like Carnage, Marvel Spider-Man’s Venom is not wearing a helmet. That is his organic head, but like Carnage, dear old Venom is getting its own buildable LEGO head sculpt anyways.

LEGO 76187 Marvel Spider-Man Venom

It looks like the LEGO 76187 Marvel Spider-Man Venom is the Carnage set – complete with the same number of teeth (yes, I counted!)), but in black guise and with the addition of the supervillain/antihero’s signature long tongue.

Perhaps it is because of the tongue that it has a little more pieces than Carnage set, coming in at 565 pieces.

LEGO 76187 Marvel Spider-Man Venom

Official description that pretty much says it all (if the product images has not managed to speak for themselves already):

“Fans of Venom and the Spider-Man movies will relish a rewarding building experience as they recreate the authentic features of the gruesome alien symbiote. The oversized jaw packed with dagger-like teeth, the long, twisting tongue and the low, black brow combine to create an unmissable display piece. With a stylish name plaque attached to the sturdy base, this remarkable model will look even more impressive displayed alongside other LEGO comic-book creations.”

LEGO 76187 Marvel Spider-Man Venom

When completed, the LEGO-built head sculpt of Venom measures over 7 inches(19 cm) tall, 3 inches (9 cm) wide and 7 inches (19 cm) deep, and comes with a display stand and a name plague.

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It will me for a good addition to any Marvel fan’s collection.

The LEGO 76187 Marvel Spider-Man Venom is expected to be available starting on April 26, 2021, for US$59.99.

Images: LEGO Group.

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