True Wireless Earbuds. It is a wonderful invention that brings about convenience and so disgusting at the same time. The latter would be the yucky bits that the earbuds unplugged from your ears after each use. This means, the they require cleaning that would involves the use of brush and Q-tip. But thanks to Cardlax, you don’t really have too because, there is the Cardlax Earbuds Washer.

Cardlax Earbuds Washer is an automatic cleaning tool for TWS earbuds. Think of it as a washing machine for true wireless earbuds. OK, perhaps more like a semi-automatic washing machine because, the speaker grille part requires your participation.

The device has a rotating brush which you put the earbud’s grille to it to bust out those nasty grime and there is main tumbling cleaning area where earbuds are inserted and get cleaned by a sponge. An anti-bacterial cleaning solution has to be applied to the sponge for best result.

Cardlax Automatic Earbuds Washer Kickstarter

The device promised to clean your earbuds in just 2 minutes, ending the tedious process of manual cleaning once and for all.

The sponge are of the same material as the makeup sponge and can be removed to be washed and reused.

Cardlax Automatic Earbuds Washer Kickstarter

As mentioned, it is not entirely automatic. The most critical part, i.e. the holes like speaker grille, has be cleaned by the super soft rotating brush. Granted, all you need to do is to hold in position and let the rotating brush does its thing.

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The device will work with a variety of TWS, including Apple AirPods Pro, Apple AirPods, and more.

Cardlax Automatic Earbuds Washer is currently on Kickstarter where you can secure a unit for as low as 33 bucks.

The campaign is funded with over 2,000 backers contributing more than US$90K at this point. So, yeah, Cardlax Earbuds Washer is a go and it should see deliveries starting in June 2021.

Cardlax Automatic Earbuds Washer Kickstarter

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