From the guy who made a Roomba scream and swear when it bumps into something comes the latest in robotic modification: a Boston Dynamics Spot that pisses… beer into cups.

Boston Dynamics Spot Pisses Beer Into Cups

After months of hiatus, the genius inventor is back and this, to get back at Boston Dynamics for not letting him had the robotic dog to muck around. So when Spot is finally available commercially, Michael Reeves jumped on it and modded it for a real world application.

He called it the Pissbot 9000. It sort of works and no, unfortunately, Spot does not lift one of his hind legs to piss.

However, Reeves’ modified Spot will scan a room for red cups placed around the floor, walk to them and proceed to piss beer into it. And yes, Pissbot 9000 is outfitted with a pressurized beer dispensing canister.

Boston Dynamics Spot Pisses Beer Into Cups

Like I have said, it kind of works. And did we mention that Michael has given Spot a new “eye” with an inexpensive off-the-shelve security camera? This allows Spot to efficiently scan the room for target cups. That’s absolutely brilliant.

I wonder what Boston Dynamics think of this? I bet they never dream Spot could be mod for such purpose. It’s all harmless fun. I mean, it is better than strapping a paintball gun to Spot. No?

Pissbot 9000 should be any college home parties, serving up piss beer. Skip ahead for the usual cursed words filled fun video to see the birth of the revolutionary beer server and it in action.

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Images: YouTube (Michael Reeves).

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