You saw Adam Savage made it do rickshaw duty. You have seen it patrolling the park of Singapore to keep social distancing in check and you have seen it worked as a pack to haul a truck. And now, it is finally available for sale.

Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Sale

We are talking about the fascinating and much talked about Boston Dynamics Spot robo-dog and yes, it is on market now. Well, that’s if you are a business… in the U.S.. All told, there are three package: Explorer for developers, Enterprise for businesses, and Academic for accredited educational institutions.

We already heard that it is going to be available in the market, but it is not until recently that it is official and with an accompanying sticker. And the price? A healthy US$74,500 and that’s just the starting price.

Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Sale

Additional batteries and add-ons, such as ports, cam, LiDAR and more will cost extra of anything between US$1,275 and US$24,500. Not cheap with or without add-ons. Then again, it was never meant to be your pet like Aibo.

Not all hope is lost, though, because, there’s always the Unitree A1 robot dog that is available to anyone who is willing to drop the dough. Granted, we do not know how much that costs, but I pretty damn sure it won’t be 5-figure.

Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Sale

Images: Boston Dynamics.

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Source: Engadget.

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