In an ultimate display of robo-power and possibly, a teaser of what a dystopia robo-apocalypse would look like, Boston Dynamics uploaded a video of a pack of SpotMinis hauling a truck across the company’s parking lot. And mind you, though, the truck wasn’t a pickup truck; it was a full-sized truck. Obviously, the truck’s transmission had to be in neutral for it to be pulled by external forces, but clearly it is still a feat, nonetheless.

Altogether, there 10 SpotMinis used to pull the company’s truck across the parking lot with a gentle one-degree inclination. The pack was led by two Spots with the super creepy claw head attachment which the company last demonstrated that Spot can open doors to let itself out using it. The display of robo-power was both fascinating and creepy.

Boston Dynamics SpotMinis Haul A Truck

There’s no need to explain why it was fascinating. As for creepy, well, it wasn’t… until you noticed that the SpotMinis marches in perfect unison like some dystopia robo-apocalypse movies where the robot overlord’s army of robot marches in to take over our city (cue: I, Robot).

The creep effect was further enhanced with the last scene that shows the pack laying on their bellies and all of the sudden, like a well conducted symphony, all ten stood up in perfect synchronization and marches forward. It was really quite a sight, not going to lie. While impressive, it is a bit of a worrisome. Just don’t give them anymore intelligence than they need.

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According to Boston Dynamics, these Spot robots “are coming off the production line now and will be available for a range of applications soon.” So, folks, it is happening. And it isn’t adorable like Aibo that’s coming… also, they are probably not pet dogs as one might imagine.

Keep going for the video, or if you are so incline, you can learn more about SpotMini on Boston Dynamics website HERE.

Images: Boston Dynamics.

Source: YouTube via Wired.

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