Boston Dynamics SpotMini Now Knows How to Open Door

Just when we thought Boston Dynamics had made SpotMini robotic dog a little less creepy, the team gave its hand back and enabled it with the ability to open doors. Wait, what? Yes. Dear little SpotMini now can let itself out, or in, and that’s kind of creepy. If you think it is not creepy, well, you’d be right, it is not. I mean, the robotic company’s biped robot Atlas already did that, didn’t it? However, what makes this demonstration amazing and at the same time, goosebumps inducing was, the robotic dogs actually collaborated. And the door is one equipped with a closer.

In this demonstration, one quadruped was seen outfitted with a robotic arm and the other without. Not only can the two SpotMinis collaborated to get out of a room, but the robotic arm model is totally capable of handling a closer-equipped door, holding the door open for the other robotic dog to get through and articulating the arm as it keeps holding the door for itself to pass through. The most amazing part though is how SpotMini uses its leg to temporary hold the door ajar to allow the arm to come into position to execute the whole pull and push routine to door open fully.

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Now, I don’t know if these robotic animals acted out autonomously, but if they did, then that’s creepy as hell. Given enough artificial intelligence and objects, these robotic animals may one day act on its own. Anyways, when it happens, it happens. In the mean time, I suggest you catch the video and see the collaboration between two SpotMinis unfold before your eyes.

Image: YouTube.