Boston Dynamics ATLAS Robot

Last year, Google-owned Boston Dynamics debuted a bipedal robot which impresses the world with its incredible level of balance, but as impressive as it was, that wasn’t the last of its story. Just a couple of days ago, the robotic research and development company has unveiled, through a video, a latest iteration that’s a whole lot lighter, faster and ermmm, eerily human-like. While this 5-foot-9-inch tall robot may not have the intelligence to lord over humans yet, it does appear to have the ability to take away something very dear to us: our jobs.

Bye guys, I off work now…

This humanoid, as the researchers sometime refers it to, is capable of identifying and picking packages weighing 10 lbs each, and placing them on the shelves. So, if your jobs involve such a simple task, a robot like such could very well replace you in not-too-distance future. So, you getting the picture now? And if you are pissed with robot like ATLAS for robbing your mundane as hell job and tried kicking it over, well, we have bad news. This thing can withstand bumps and even getting back up when it is being pushed over.

Hey, why did you do that?

One consolation though; it won’t be chasing after you if you run away from it after committing the unspeakable deed. Not that it isn’t fast enough, it is pretty fast, but it appears that humanoid ATLAS now relies on special symbols printed on sheets of paper to guide itself through the routine. This means, it probably haven’t learn to recognise a door is an exit and entrance, and it most certainly can’t recognize faces yet.

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However, with technology advancing at break neck speed, it will be a matter of time before robots like this will replace humans for many tasks. When the day comes, they can have the dangerous jobs then. Just don’t give them crazy AI that will made them feel disgruntled and plot a revolt. Keep going to catch the new ATLAS in action in the embedded video below.

YouTube via MarketWatch