What you see here is China’s Wuhan law enforcement officer showing off the police’s new toy: a non-lethal drone-killing gun. Details on this unnamed device is sketchy at best, but the concept behind it is not so much different from DroneShield and Battelle’s iteration we saw last year in that the gun uses some sort of radio waves to cut signal between the operator and the infringing drones (more like hijacking it, actually), thereby forcing the drone to land. Though it is not known if the process will actually fry the drone entirely, thus making it drop out of the sky or if it will force it to land in a controlled manner like the two other makes we wrote about previously.

Wuhan Police Anti-drone Gun
A close up this sci-fi-ish anti-drone weapon.

The workings maybe the similar, but unlike the western companies offering which built the electronics upon a body of a proven assault rifle, this China’s version showed off by Wuhan police officer appeared to be designed from the ground up, sporting a space age-ish asesthetic that looks like it has been pulled from the pages of a sci-fi novel.

We can’t find the video of it in action, but according to our source, the successful demonstration was done outside of a football (read: soccer) stadium in Wuhan on Saturday and presumably because of this, the police will be outfitted with 20 of these drone-killers. However, it is not known when exactly the anti-drone guns will be deployed and the distribution isn’t announced either, or at least, we did not find anything on it. We try hitting up Wuhan’s police official website, but accusing it from outside of China is excruciating slow. So, sorry. That’s all we have for now.

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Wuhan Police Anti-drone Gun
It even gets tactical-style carrying box. Nice.

Images and source via Shanghaiist.

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