When not turning regular vehicles into crazy fire-spewing machines, Colin Furze found himself creating something far less dangerous but no less weird. This time, he converted a trash can aka wheelie bin into one that can be remotely controlled so he don’t need to brave the frigid weather to put it at the roadside for the rubbish collector to be emptied. A rather brilliant DIY it maybe, but not necessary practical since what he did was transplanting an electric wheelchair into the bin which took away some usable space and that’s not to mention, the conversion also bumped up the weight (there are lead-acid batteries in there and so…).

It was a fun project nonetheless, that seem to make him very, very excited. But seriously, this man is always pumping with adrenalin, don’t he? Anywho, RC Wheelie Bin can be quite hilarious at time too. Don’t believe? Just watch the reactions of those folks when Colin took the Wheelie Bin bot out onto the street. Continue going to catch the RC Wheelie Bin aka Trash Can’s introduction video, as well as a clip of the said ‘street excursion’.

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  1. Hi Mike. I am a senior citizen and would like to know how to purchase one of the remote controlled wheelie bins. This would be the perfect item needed for my arthritic hands on garbage day. I love the invention and robotics.

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