You and I both know that plants help to promote oxygen during the day and they are obviously a part of nature’s workings that is beneficial to us. What you and I don’t know is, plants can also purify the air too, or at least they can do so with a little help from technology. Apparently, some species of plants have the ability to remove toxic agents from the air, but the less fortunate thing is, these plants with ‘special power’ do so with their roots and not the leaves.

Clairy Natural Air Purifier

Leveraging on this scientific knowledge, an Italian company conceived a natural air purifier, dubbed Clairy, that uses technology to introduce ‘dirty air’ into the roots of the plant for ‘filtration’ (hence, the fan-like device integrated to the side of the pot) and from there, the natural process of the plants take over which results in the plant releasing clean air for us to consume. There’s no filter to deal with like traditional air purifiers.

Clairy Natural Air Purifier

Clairy did not stop at purifying the air; it is also loaded with side features like continuous monitoring of indoor air quality, temperature and humidity, which Clairy will update in real-time to your smartphone via WiFi. And Clairy will do all those while using minimal energy (half of an LED bulb, according to its creator) and also, did we mention that it needs no watering? Sounds like too good be true, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t.

Clairy Natural Air Purifier

What you can’t see from the outside is a self watering system where there’s a one-liter reservoir within the pot which the plant can “consume” wherever it needs hydrating. Last but not least, Clairy is equipped with an LED air quality indicator which lets you in on the quality of the air at a glance. There’s no need to whip out your phone to know if you are bathing in a good air or toxic air.

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Clairy Natural Air Purifier

As to whether Clairy is all but a novelty, its creator assures you that Clairy has been scientifically tested at LINV, which is “one of the most prestigious research labs on plants in Europe and PNAT a spin-off of the University of Florence, based in Italy.” Also, it is proudly made in Italy too.

Now, for the not so good news. Clairy was an Indiegogo campaign that closed on a high note with over $300k raised and at this point, we are not sure when it will be available for order, or even pre-order. That said, if you are keen, you may want to touch base with the outfit to check how you can get your hands on one. In the meantime, you can find out more about Clairy in the product pitch video embedded below.

Clairy Natural Air Purifier

Images courtesy of Clairy.

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