Heading out into the wilderness means you will need a “sustainable” source of power for your most important gadget: your smartphone. Sure, you can load up yourself with multiple power banks, but is that really a practical solution if you are going on an undetermined number days? Probably not.

Lifesaber Wilderness Survival Tool

This is where Lifesaber would be a better idea. Lifesaber is not a typo and it has absolutely nothing to do with Jedis. Or it may very well be for Earth-dwelling, real-world Jedi because, it is the ultimate survival gear for the wilderness. Who knows Admiral Ackbar may be impressed too – if he still alive, that is.

This handy lightsaber hilt-like survival tool features a USB power generator, a flashlight/lantern, a UV water purifier, a plasma fire starter and there is a panic button that triggers siren and blinding strobe to ward off any attacker, be it wildlife, nasty humans or Imperial Stormtrooper. Probably won’t work against Sith Lords, though.

Lifesaber Wilderness Survival Tool

Built into the device is a crank that, when you twirl it around, generates power for charging your mobile device. But that’s not new. What’s new and innovative is a “force multiplier” function which, when activated, lets you crank out more juice, or 3x more juice to be more precise.

In addition, it has an integrated SOS locator and an optional solar charger to boot. Now, looking at the features, tell me that this is not the ultimate survival gear for modern day Homo sapiens. I bet even aliens will be impressed.

Lifesaber Wilderness Survival Tool

If you believe in what Lifesaber has to offer, you can pre-order it by backing for a unit on Kickstarter. Early bird will be able to secure a unit at a discounted price of $69-99, depending on the options. The campaign is funded and so, your pledge for a product is a pre-order. Go check it out.

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P.S. You may want to out the Sy-Fy-style pitch video below before you leave.

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