The term ‘decluttering’ is used regularly in the case of trying to make you feel less anxious about your home and making it a calmer environment in which to live. If you are planning to sell your house sometime in the near future, decluttering in order to make a quick sale is imperative.

If potential buyers do not feel that the property offers adequate space for them to live comfortably and even expand, they will not put in an offer. An excess of ‘things’ can really put people off and it does impact negatively on the size of the rooms.

Decluttering Property For Quick Sale
A neat house like this will, obviously, have a higher chance of being sold quicker. Photo by Skitterphoto via Pexels.

Visible clutter
First of all, the main things you need to sort out are those that are on show. When potential buyers walk up the driveway, they will already have made a decision about what they think the house will look like inside. If there are empty plant pots in the garden, get rid of them. If there is a ragged old doormat outside the front door, replace it. First impressions count.

Once inside the house, if they are greeted by ornaments in every nook and cranny, the chances are they will feel overpowered. Rather than being able to focus on the beautiful interiors, spacious rooms and the fact that the high finish of decorating means they will have very little to do, the clutter will overpower take away their attention.

Start by getting a nice, but honest, friend over to give you their true appraisal of the situation. Yes, it is your house and should be how you want it. Decluttering does not mean you have to throw your things away, rather that you need to store these things elsewhere until you can place them in your new abode. An excess of framed pictures on the walls can be overbearing too. Take some of them down.

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If you find that you have a large amount of belongings, consider using a storage unit, such as Life Storage Chattanooga. You can store the things you know you definitely do not need in a safe and secure location close to where you will be moving. The countertops in your kitchen and any spaces in your bathroom should also be cleared of clutter, but not to the extent that people will be wondering where on earth everything is. If the room looks unusable or cold and empty, that will create the wrong impression too.

Hidden clutter
Although hidden away to an extent, an excess of clothing or a disorganized mess in a walk in wardrobe will make it appear that there is a lack of space. Spending time going through the items of clothing you own and putting them into piles depending on how often, if at all, you wear them is a useful thing to do. Get rid of any items that no longer fit or ones that are damaged or stained.

This does not mean you put them in the garbage, rather you take them to a textile bank or pass them onto someone else who could either wear them or even refashion them. As you are moving, although this does not impact on how quickly your house will sell, it is worth making a start on sorting through paperwork as early as possible to prevent a last minute panic or even packing unnecessary items.

Featured photo by Pixabay via Pexels.

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