Whether you are a fan of British virtual band Gorillaz or a major G-Shock collector who felt need to have it all, I pretty darn sure that you will be thrilled by the second collaboration between Casio G-Shock and the band. In this latest collaboration, Casio G-Shock is releasing two limited edition watches, one based on the classic G-Shock design DW-5600 and the other one was based on the GA-2000.

Casio Now Now G-Shock

It is interesting to note that, apart from the obvious Gorillaz influenced colorways, the DW-5600 also boasts Bluetooth connectivity which will work with its own app. Though, what can you do with it being connected is unclear. We heard, with the app, you will be able to set the world time, activate timers and whatnot, plus the ability to check on the solar charge info.

Anywho, the blue and pink colorway on DW-5600-based model was inspired by Gorillaz recent album, The Now Now. It further feature the word “Now” which will appear on the screen only when the backlight is activated (super cool!) and the word “Now” is also on the keeper. In addition, The Now Now logo can be found engraved on the case back. Rounding up the package is, you guessed it, a special packaging. In this case, it is a round metal tin with graphics inspired by the recent album.

Casio Camo G-Shock

The GA-2000-based limited edition Gorillaz watch, on the other hand, is inspired by the band’s first album, the self-titled album, Gorillaz, released in 2001. The Casio G-Shock Gorillaz GA-2000 is presented in Gorillaz-style camo and comes with an additional strap in dark version of the camo. The watch, as expected, also gets its due unique packaging that makes it higher collectible.

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The Casio Now Now G-Shock and the Casio Camo G-Shock goes on sale on September 18, 2019, for £149 (about US$185) a pop. Check out the hilarious promo animated film below.

Images: Casio.

Source: Digital Trends.

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