everyone loves a party or two sometimes, but while organizing party is great, we can’t say the same to playing host. it kills your time when you could be chilling out on a float in the middle of your pool. with the Pepsi Remote Control Rover Cooler, you could use a little tech to help you serve the drinks around, while pumping out some tunes along the way. it comes with a remote control that lets you maneuver it like any radio control toy from over 100 feet away. the cooler itself has a 32-can capacity and boasts a roto-molded construction for impact resistance and durability, while foam insulation helps keep the ice last longer. additional features include LED headlights for low light navigation, built-in speaker system with MP3 cable for your music source, three-speed settings via remote, and the ability to roll across different terrains, thanks to its tall, SUV-like design complete with the obligatory large “sport” wheels.

Pepsi Remote Control Rover Cooler

you got to give it to the folks at C3 Custom Cooler Creations for their attention to detail. the remote control rover cooler even takes on the silhouette of a Hummer, albeit a little on the cartoonish side, complete with a molded bull bar and faux disc brakes peeking out behind the “sports” wheels. and oh, the licensed graphics you see there? there are molded into the box and not just some cheap decals that would peel off after repeated use and also, it has two cup holders up top, you know, for completeness sake. the only thing that bugs me is, why Pepsi and not say, Coca Cola or Mountain Dew? in the future, perhaps? anywho, you can pick up one from C3 Custom Cooler Creations’ website for $375. pricey for a cooler, no doubt. more so if you consider the feature-packed, new king of cool is around hundred bucks cheaper. oh wait, but that can’t zip around your backyard at your bidding, can it? decision. decision.

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Pepsi Remote Control Rover Cooler

Pepsi Remote Control Rover Cooler

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