Matte reflective sunglasses (or shades, as some would call it) is a fad now, or at least, it is starting to gain some traction now. But like most new fads, these out-of-the-ordinary sunglasses are peddled by big brand names (or maybe just one, for now) and therefore, are not cheap. However, you do not have forego this up-and-coming fashion fad because of ridiculous stickers because there’s Mariener Eyewear. Mariener Eyewear’s existence, like so many startups, is spurred by the lack of cheaper alternatives and so, not surprisingly, the outfit’s line of matte reflective sunglasses is touted as the “first affordable matte reflective sunglasses.”

Matte Reflective Sunglasses by Mariener Eyewear

In addition to the obvious cool look matte reflective lenses has to offer, Mariener Eyewear’s Matte Reflective Sunglasses also features UV400 protection, hydrophobic properties, and are scratch resistant and shatter proof. Available in variety of lens colors, Mariener Eyewear’s offering comes with a strong and flexible frame (also in variety of hues) that weighs in at mere 18 grams (.64 ounces!) and thanks to Memory Frame Technology, this frame, called Melange, dispensed with the need for spring hinges (which probably attributes to the lightweight property).

Matte Reflective Sunglasses by Mariener Eyewear

Beyond those, you could say it is just a pair of sunglasses that looks uber cool. No, wait. Actually there’s another draw; it is crazy affordable, you know, like 19 euros (works out to about US$20) kind of affordable. I would equate this sticker to the price of knock off branded optics you would find in some night markets in China. But the difference is, you don’t have to stoop to that to get a pair of quality matte reflective sunglasses, because Mariener Eyewear has it and it is a real-deal label.

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You can find Mariener Eyewear’s Matte Reflective Sunglasses on Kickstarter where you can help to make it a reality for between 19-29 euros (about 20-30 American dollars). As with all Kickstarter campaign, the fate of this product pretty much lies in your hands. In other words, it will only see the light of the day if the funding goal is met.

Matte Reflective Sunglasses by Mariener Eyewear

Images courtesy of Mariener Eyewear.

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