Man of Many Team Up With Luxury Eyewear Brand To Out Pretty Shades

Who can you trust better to offer you a sun-shielding eyewear recommendation than someone who has been writing about men’s lifestyle stuff? The Limited Edition Pacifico Optical X Man of Many Buckler Sunglasses is one such shades that is born out of a collaboration between Australian luxury eyewear brand Pacifico Optical and men’s lifestyle publisher […]

Olympic Skier Created Sunglasses That You Want To Check It Out

If there’s one person who knows sunglasses, it would be someone who practically lives by it. Professional skier and two times Olympic Gold Medalist,Ted Ligety, is one such person. He has co-founded SHRED, an optic company that, like many before it, wants to take a stab at an industry dominated by a handful of big […]

Mariener Eyewear Beats Big Brands To Intro Matte Reflective Sunglasses

Matte reflective sunglasses (or shades, as some would call it) is a fad now, or at least, it is starting to gain some traction now. But like most new fads, these out-of-the-ordinary sunglasses are peddled by big brand names (or maybe just one, for now) and therefore, are not cheap. However, you do not have […]

Fello: Affordable Premium Quality Sunglasses That Gives Too

A decent pair of quality sunglasses is not cheap, much less one of ‘high-quality’. The latter is usually offered by big corporations, like Alain Mikli, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Starck Eyes and the likes. No. Wait. In fact, all those brands and over ten others are under the same company called Luxottica and hence, basically, you are […]

Solos Smart Cycling Eyewear Puts Cycling Metrics Before Your Eye, So You Can Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Who needs a bike computer that you need to glance down when you can look straight and get all the information you need? Well, that’s precisely what Solos High-Performance Smart Eyewear will do. Sort of like the Google Glass for cyclists, Solos features Vista virtual screen that measures mere 4mm height and hangs in front […]

CTRL One Auto Switches From Clear To Tint In A Fraction Of A Second

Sun, Shade, Sun, Shade, Sun, then Shade again. Sounds familiar? Well, it will be if you are an active person doing activities like cycling or running in the late afternoon. You can beat the glaring sun with sunglasses, but you’d be in the dark when you enter a shady area. Kind of annoying, isn’t it? […]

Baendit – The Bendable, Modular Sunglasses Is Back In Metal

We heard a big luxury brand has a new modular sunglasses that enable you to mix and match parts to create your own unique look shades, but being “luxury brand,” it doesn’t come cheap (we heard its 200-ish). So obviously, it is not for everyone. The good news is, you don’t need deep pockets to […]

Baendit is a Pair of Sunglasses That Can be a Cable Tidy, Mobile Stand, and Worn on the Wrist

Sunglasses is both cool and functional, but there are two things remain unchanged for as far as we can remember, which are the issues of temporary storage and ‘perfect fit’. There is no such thing as ‘perfect fit’ and as for temporary stowing away when you need to hit the bathroom, it is not as […]

Thanks To ORION4Sight, You Can Now Enjoy Eyewear Technology As Used By The U.S. Military

you know what they say? if you want the best gears, use what the military uses and in particular what the U.S. Army uses. it is no secret that this world superpower spare no expenses in equipping their soldiers and so if you are in the market for a pair of sunglasses, naturally there is […]

Are You Able To Deal With Pixelated Sunglasses?

pixelated images are akin to retro fad. it appeals to some, while other remains unperturbed by it. basically, it is either you love it or you feel nothing about the whole pixel thing. no other way, which is good thing when you start wearing the Deal With It Pixelated Sunglasses. at least, you know that […]