Razer is staying true to the company’s ethos of ‘a gaming lifestyle company’. I can’t say the same 5 or 10 years ago, but now, this company that started with humble gaming mice, has all aspect of gamers’ life covered. From bags to fashion and energy drinks and even bank card. Now, it even has your eyes covered too.

Razer Now Has Your Eyes Covered With Its First Ever Eyewear, Razer Anzu

Folks, meet Razer’s first ever eyewear product (not counting the collabs with GUNNAR), Razer Anzu Smart Glasses. Before you get all ga-ga, you have to know, Razer Anzu is NOT that kind of smart glasses. It is basically an eyewear with integrated open-ear audio capability.

As an eyewear, it touts durable and flexible hinges (tastefully incorporated with Razer’s branding), 35% blue light filtering, 99% UVA/UVB protective polarize sunglasses, and touch controls on the side of the frame for music control, manage calls and and activate smartphone’s voice assistant.

Razer Now Has Your Eyes Covered With Its First Ever Eyewear, Razer Anzu

As a wearable audio/communication device, it boasts 16 mm drivers, Bluetooth 5.1, discreet omnidirectional mic and speakers, over 5 hours of battery per charge and 2 weeks of standby power, EQ adjustments through mobile app, and IPX4 rated construction.

To conserve power, the power shuts off when the eyewear is folded. There is no need to mess with power button.

Razer Now Has Your Eyes Covered With Its First Ever Eyewear, Razer Anzu

All these are pack inside a rectangular or round frame glasses that weighs no more than 48g (1.69 oz.).

Two sizes are available too, to fit a variety of face sizes.

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In addition, Razer has partnered with Lensabl to extend 15% off prescription lenses for Anzu buyers who require corrective lenses.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses is available now for US$199.99 and the Razer Anzu Replacement Sunglasses Lenses retails for US$29.99.

Images: Razer.

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