Whether you want to be superbly camouflaged in your next Bigfoot hunt (or maybe just ducks), or just a collector of authentic military gears, we are pretty sure the Red Rock Ghillie Suit will be right up your alley.

That’s right. It is the ghillie suit as worn by military snipers to keep themselves concealed while they await in the woodland for their target to appear. And yes, it is now available to civilians. Pretty cool, eh?

Red Rock Ghillie Suit From Drop

This ultimate camo getup by Red Rock Outdoor Gear is purposefully bear the color of nature’s greenery and dirt, thus allowing its wearer to blend into his/her surrounding be it the forest, the mountain terrain or the wetlands.

It is further covered in loose strips that dance with the wind, making them look like actual foliage.

Made of 98 percent polyester and 2 percent spandex, it is lightweight and breathable. It further features elastic-waist pants with drawstring, elastic jacket cuffs, snap-closure jacket, and adjustable chin strap in hood.

So, yeah, it is a multi-piece ghillie (5-piece, to be precise) which includes the jacket, hood, pants, gun wrap, plus stuff sack with carry strap – just as a real sniper will be issued with.

Last checked it was listed as “sold through” on Drop (i.e. sold out), but you can hit “Request” to be notified when it is available again if you want. Or you can hit up Red Rock Outdoor Gear for more options.

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Images: Drop/Red Rock Outdoor Gear.

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