Stack Overflow The Key V2 Macropad: April Fool’s Joke Made Real, The Second Act

Not every April Fool’s joke is just for laugh. Some good humor jokes, like the Kit Kat Sushi, the Space Smell Perfume, and the OnePlus tiny drone – for example, were either real or so brilliant that they eventually became a reality. And yes, the world is still waiting for the Razer Toaster… Anyhoo, here’s …

Drop + FU11.META1 GMK Mecha-01 R2 Evangelion-themed Keycap Sets

Evangelion may have concluded for real this time. But for those who believe that its spirit lives on among us, you can make it real, so to speak, with a bunch of merchandise, including the new Drop + FU11.META1 GMK Mecha-01 R2 Keycap Sets.

Dwarf Factory Mecha Series Artisan Keycaps: Robotic Armored Animal Encapsulated In Transparent Resin

Mecha-lovers and sci-fi enthusiasts will be impressed by the new Dwarf Factory Mecha Series Artisan Keycaps. Unlike some of the recent novel keycaps we saw – which are more like sculptures than keycaps, these keycaps are actually practical.

This Artisan Keycap Makes Each Key Looked Like Tiny Portable Gaming Device

There is nothing that says you are a gamer than having keyboard keycaps in the likeness of a handheld gaming device. The M.7 Handheld Gaming Aluminum Artisan Keycap, currently being sold on, is one such keycap and man, it looks super cool!

Drop + Cocobrais SA Handarbeit Custom Keycap Set: 1994 All Over Again With Your Own Keyboard

Forget RGB keyboards. If you want to add colors to your trusty keyboard, colorful keycap set is the way to go. The Drop + Cocobrais SA Handarbeit Custom Keycap Set will let you do just that. There’s nothing like the good’ol colorful keycaps to say you a geek with taste.

Tin Hifi P1 In-Ear Monitor Is An Audiophile-grade IEM That Don’t Break The Bank

Looking for an audiophile-grade in-ear monitor that won’t break the bank? Well then, you may want hear about Tini Hifi P1 In-ear Monitor (IEM). Tini Hifi is a newcomer in the audiophile market.

Drop + Marvel Infinity Saga Artisan Keycap: Must-have For Super Fan Of MCU

This is the time that separates fans from hype train passengers. For example, if you are still collecting MCU merchandises and scouring the Internet for info on MCU, then you are definitely a fan. If so, may we interest you on the Drop + Marvel Infinity Saga Artisan Keycap?

Drop Cache Display Valet Case Is A Classy Way Of Stashing Your Everyday Carry. Knives Included

All this while, we have been letting in on knives and other everyday carry, but never have ever share how these knives and EDC can be kept. It didn’t occur to us, until we saw this: Drop Cache Display Valet Case.

Keycaps Made To Look Like Real World Food Looks Absolutely Delectable

Do you know the keys on your keyboard like its the back of your hand and you are kinda board with those mundane looking keycaps? Well, if it a yes for both, you are in luck because, Dwarf Factory has just the keycaps for you – specifically, if you are a foodie. Then again, who …