Keebmonkey Keyboard Wireless Display Box from Drop

A keyboard serves a functional purpose which is as an input for your computer. What if. Just what if you are so proud of your custom mechanical keyboard that you want it to be admired, instead of doing what it is supposed to do? Well, if that’s what you desire, Keebmonkey will have you – or rather the keyboard – covered.

Keebmonkey Keyboard Wireless Display Box from Drop

Folks, this is the Keebmonkey Keyboard Wireless Display Box, a purpose-designed, transparent display case for your keyboard. Yup. You heard that right. A display case of a keyboard.

The case comes with a stand that angles your keyboard into a museum-style position for your admiration. However, you can also order it without a stand but what kind of monster displays his or her keyboard without propping up?

Mind you, though. This is not just any transparent plastic case with a stand. It is complete with mirror panels and sliding door, and a removable LED lighting array that offers 20 hours of continuous lighting on a single charge.

Keebmonkey Keyboard Wireless Display Box from Drop

The strip of LEDs puts just the right glow on the keyboard, making the keyboard displayed inside come alive. But that’s not even the coolest feature of this display case.

The coolest feature is the motion-detecting sensor that allows you to put the LED module into auto mode so that it only lights when someone walks up to the case. As a boon, the auto mode also extends the battery life to a cool 180 days of use.

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The Keebmonkey keyboard Wireless Display Box without a stand sells for US$88 and US$100 with a stand, from with shipping to start on December 8, 2022, Pacific Time.

Images: Drop.