Remember the Pictionary Air first introduced in 2019? We recently come across a Star Wars edition. The Pictionary Air Star Wars Family Game, as it is called, it is not just borrowing the sci-fi franchise name and slapping on R2-D2-themed on the light pen. The game has been reworked to incorporate the Star Wars elements.

Mattel Pictionary Air Star Wars Family Game
It will be even cooler if the light pen is a Lightsaber. It really is a missed opportunity.

With the Pictionary Air Star Wars Family Game, you can get help from R2-D2, BB-8, and other droids, for example. As before, the game will need the free Pictionary Air app installed on your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone to play. While the person drawing in the air cannot see the doodle he or she has done, his teammates will be able to see it through the smart device thanks to augmented reality.

Since it uses a smart device to play out the game, this means you can also cast the gameplay onto the TV if both the TV and smart device you are using support the function.

Mattel Pictionary Air Star Wars Family Game

The Pictionary Air Star Wars Family Game shares the same app as regular Pictionary Air and so you have to select Star Wars in the app to get on with the Star Wars theme doodle guessing game. There are two levels of clue cards included, featuring content from all the Star Wars movies, plus The Clone Wars and The Mandalorian.

If you are down, you can pick up the Pictionary Air Star Wars Family Game from for US$17.50.

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