New Casio G-Shock Semi-transparent Watches

While we are wary of how white plastic have the tendency to turn yellow over time, we can’t help but to ogle over the new Semi-transparent Casio G-Shock Timepieces. Man, they are really gorgeous.

New Casio G-Shock Semi-transparent Watches

Available in a choice of transparent gray and transparent white, and based on G-Shock three popular models, namely, GA2000, GA900, and GA110 for the Transparent Gray series and the DW5600, GA700, and GA2100 for the Transparent White series.

To be fair, we are not sure if the transparent white on these watches will turn yellow over time, but most transparent white plastics, or any white plastic for that matter, do. Never mind if the transparent white version is actually semi-transparent – not completely transparent or completely white.

New Casio G-Shock Semi-transparent Watches

As always, what you be getting is cosmetic tweak of the respective models. That means you will be getting key features like Carbon Core Guard Case with Super Illuminator Double LED light on the GA2000SKE-8A, incredible 7-year battery on the GA900SKE-8A, magnetic resistance on the GA110SKE-8A, and of course, digital-analog capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Transparent White series gets EL backlight (DW5600SKE-7), bold front-button design (GA700SKE-7A), octagonal bezel (GA2100SKE-7A), and Super LED light on the latter two.

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The GA2000SKE-8A, GA900SKE-8A, and GA110SKE-8A each retail for $130, while the DW5600SKE-7, GA2100SKE-7A and GA700SKE-7A each retail for $110. All models are available for pre-order now. You may find out more about the new Semi-transparent Casio G-Shock HERE.

Images: Casio/G-Shock.