NERF blasters were never mean to look like real-life firearms, simply because they are toys. Despite so, they do have a sci-fi-ish asesthetic to them which makes them kind of realistic, well, in a sci-fi way. Unfortunately, this sci-fi kind of realistic look is marred by the bright colorways designed to lure kids and also, as per regulation, to prevent them from looking like real weapons (remember, even Airsoft has orange tip to mark them as toys). But that’s stock NERF we are talking about and beyond the shelves, there’s no stopping folks like Adam Savage from lending their magical touch to turn a stock NERF rifle into one that’s worthy of a sci-fi movie prop.

Custom NERF Longstrike CS-6 Rifle by Adam Savage
The same photo which Adam included in the gift and oh, the custom NERF rifle was signed too.

In his One Day Builds segment posted on his YouTube channel, Tested, Adam gave a NERF Longstrike CS-6 sniper rifle a complete makeover with just spray paints and occasional brush works. The result is nothing short of remarkable. Sure, the end result does not make this face-lifted NERF rifle look like a real gun, but like we said, it is definitely worthy of a sci-fi movie prop. And why the hell not when even the most expensive sci-fi TV series in 2011, Terra Nova, had already used NERF guns as part of their props? However, Adam did not custom this Longstrike for movies or TV series, nor it was for his own collection; it was a gift for Imgur’s secret santa gift exchange where one lucky Imgur user got it (you can see the lucky Imgur user’s unboxing pics HERE).

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Apart from aesthetic, Adam also upgraded the internals with Immortal kit for NERF Longstrike from Orange Mod Works which should give the generally weak rifle a boost in range and punch. You can catch the entire build process in the embedded video below.

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

Additional image and source via Gizmodo.

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