Adam Savage Built A Steampunk Rickshaw For Boston Dynamics’ Spot To Haul Him Around

Since the development and subsequently the commercial availability of Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog, Spot, the question has been” “what can it really can do?” Well, today (or more correctly, February 13) the question has been answered by maker extraordinaire/TV personality Adam Savage.

Adam Savage Turned A NERF Rival Nemesis Into A 1,000 Shot Beast

You know. I am actually glad that Adam Savage is done with Mythbuster. Why? Because, it is only then we get to see him getting the time to building and modding stuff that wows us. The latest build, a custom 1,000 Shot NERF Rival Nemesis, really had me drooling all over. For the uninitiated, the […]

Adam Savage’s Custom NERF Rifle Is Full Of Sci-Fi Awesomeness

NERF blasters were never mean to look like real-life firearms, simply because they are toys. Despite so, they do have a sci-fi-ish asesthetic to them which makes them kind of realistic, well, in a sci-fi way. Unfortunately, this sci-fi kind of realistic look is marred by the bright colorways designed to lure kids and also, […]