Remember Runway Heels? The stilettos that have retractable heels when you don’t need them? Well, Pashion is a shoemaker that does the same and more. Pashion not only lets you go all out flat when you don’t need the heels but it also let you change the heels too.

Pashion Stiletto with Interchangeable Heels

Pashion emerged a few years ago and since then stilettos have changed forever. It made heels accessories. To switch out the heels or go flat, all you need give the heel a click and twist, and the heel will pop right out. You can remove the heel for a flat pair of kicks or swap it with a heel of a different height and/or design. I am no lady but I am totally sold by the idea.

The interesting design feature that enables this awesome feature is the soft midsole and the Pashion’s heel with sole support. So, yeah, when you remove the heel, it is not just the heel that is being removed; it includes sole support that gives the structural support a heel needs.

Pashion Stiletto with Interchangeable Heels

When the heel is removed, it is left with a flexible midsole that allows it to be flat as a flat should be. The ingenuity does not end there. Because the heel can be removed, it means you can customize the heels which also means no more the same old boring look. You can purchase additional blocks or heels, in different heights, and in a choice of colors and patterns, which will allow you to create a customized look to suit your mood and occasion. I think it is a genius of design.

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Pashion should really come together with Irregular Choice and Star Wars for heels with interchangeable Star Wars characters. I think that will have the potential to become a hit.

You can learn more about Pashion over at its website where you can pick up a pair in the design of your choice for US$150 and up. There is some sale going on, so go check it out.

Pashion Stiletto with Interchangeable Heels
Pashion Stiletto with Interchangeable Heels

Images: Pashion.

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