Here’s a creation for ladies who need to wear high heels. I know it is no fun tip-toeing all day, but hey, if you have to wear it, you have to wear it. But your legs need rest and neither can you drive with heels. Well, at least without risks. The solution? Bring an additional pair of flats, or you could look to Runway Heels. Runway Heels is the world’s first stilettos to sport retractable heels. Actually, it’s more like foldable, or collapsible. But anyways, the fact that its heels can be retracted pretty much speak for itself why this is the coolest evolution in heels.

Runway Retractable High Heels

Runway Heels boasts a Swedish-designed steel-grade mechanism that, at a push of a button, transforms Runway Heels from the heels to flats in seconds, and vice versa. It is like the next best thing to happen since pumps. OK, maybe the pump wasn’t the best thing to happen to footwear, but you get the idea. In addition, Runway Heels feature an open-celled design with memory foam insole, and it has anti-microbial properties that prevent microorganisms and microbes from striving. It has a leather suede upper with lambskin lining, and the heels are of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Back in January, Runway Heels took to Indiegogo to peddle its ware and it was funded and fast forward to today, it is available for pre-order on its website, priced at an affordable $49.99 a pair. At the time of this writing, six models are being offered. Interestingly, each model is name after International Airport from around the world.

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Runway Retractable High Heels

Runway Retractable High Heels

Here, have a look at its product pitch video to see it in action.

Images: Runway Heels.

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