Rarely do you see the words ‘Coin Purse’ and ‘Self-defense’ in the same sentence in a product name. In fact, we have not see any, well that’s until EASYANT Mini Outdoor EDC Coin Purse Bag Men Utility Self-Defense Multi-Tool comes along. Despite a mouthful, the product name doesn’t quite say what it is and so, please allow me to explain. EASYANT Mini Outdoor EDC Coin Purse Bag Men Utility Self-Defense Multi-Tool is a leather coin purse small enough to be snapped onto any belt and yet big enough to deliver some pretty serious whacks.

EASYANT Mini EDC Coin Purse

So, yeah. You heard that right. It is a weapon that, depending how many dimes and nickels you pack inside, can deliver quite some slap on your enemy. The purse, which is handcrafted from thick distressed leather, features a zippered closure to keep the coins in and has a designed for fastening it to the belt with a single snap, thus allowing it to be swiftly release should there will be a need for a weapon, or maybe a quick drop of change for whatever it is that you are buying that still need to be fill in with dimes and nickels.

EASYANT Mini EDC Coin Purse

Not sure why is it called a multi-tool though. Perhaps, stashing of loose change and whacking count as two uses and therefore, a multi-tool? That must it. What else could it be, right? However, if you ask, I did say stashing the dimes and nickels is just an excuse to inflict harm on the person who antagonizes you. I mean, who the hell uses loose change anymore? The last time I tried to dig out exact amount for mineral water at Trader Joe’s, I had a bunch of stare from the queue behind me and the impatience look from the cashier. So, yeah. Basically, this thing makes carrying a weapon without looking like you are carrying one. Clever. Very clever.

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You can find the EASYANT Mini Outdoor EDC Coin Purse Bag Men Utility Self-Defense Multi-Tool on Amazon, going for $39.99. Yikes. It is pricey, innit? It costs more than a few knuckle busters, but the obvious boons here are, it is totally discreet and it won’t crack skulls and therefore, you’d be hurting someone but likely not accidentally kill anyone. Likely.

EASYANT Mini EDC Coin Purse
EASYANT Mini EDC Coin Purse

Images: EASYANT via Amazon.

Source: Geekologie.

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